Release Note:

Announced on September 25th, 2018 with a preview on Twitter made through Apple Music Connect this is my first release of the year 2019.The date is pretty special, we are celebrating 3 years since the first release of the debut album All The Memories, now only available exclusively through SoundCloud, that's why we joined the #SoundCloudFirst before the global launch on all other platforms (Global date release on July 1st, 2019) with this single we want to show a constant evolution that we have had in the course of this time conserving that atmosphere built since the beginning of this musical project in the same way we have explored new sounds as well as genres, we continue in this constant evolution.

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This One's 4U


'Reality' -Now

WorldWide Available.

2 Singles. 1 Release.

Out Now. Everywhere.

With all OUR heart.


MotionLess, Available NOW

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Century, Single, OUTNOW.

May 28, 2016